Open Series and Visitors
The club gives riders that do not qualify by age (males 30 years and older) to join the club, to participate in the clubs racing but in a series of their own. You can either enter the full series by paying a once off fee or you can ride each race separately and pay a entry fee per race. Entering the series gives the rider discount on the entry fee compared to paying per race.

Open Series and visitors can participate in all the clubs races except the following:
- Gravel Road Race (closed to only club members)
- Time Trial (age group competition for members)
- Hill Climb (age group competition for members)
The Stage Race and Steak Race is not included in the Open Series which is covered by the once off fee entry but can be entered separately as a visitor at the visitors fee for the race. The Steak Race is a charity event where entry fee goes directly to charity.

Club Racing Rules and General Rules that is non-negotiable
The club has racing rules in place which are applicable to Masters and Ladies racing and some general rules that MUST be adhered to by all open series participants and visitors. These are non negotiable rules and not adhering to these rules will result in disqualification and discontinuing you participation in the series or as a visitor in future races.
1. Open Series and Visitors start with the A group. You may NOT start in the Masters and Ladies other seeded groups. If you miss the start of you group you must proceed immediately onto the route and start the race.
2. If you are caught by any of the Masters and Ladies seeded groups you MUST sit at the back of that group and may not participate in the group by means of pace making, sprinting at the finish or assist the group in any manner. You are a "passenger" in that group and must remain behind all riders of that group for the duration of the race or until you are dropped again by the group.
3. The rule of the road applies i.e. keep to the left, and no crossing of a solid barrier line.
4. No following vehicles are allowed to follow you. Spectators may go to strategic points along the route and wait for you to pass and then proceed safely avoiding going on the same route as far as possible to the next advantage point and wait for you there again until you pass.

Open Series Competition
Each rider accumulates Individual Points depending on where you finish in the race as well as Club Points. This determines the individual and clubs winners at the end of the season which are rewarded at the Masters and Ladies Prize Giving at the end of the season.

Previous Open Series Winners
Individual Winners Winning Club
2017 Brent Pheiffer (Walmer Club) 2017 Imveli Cycling Academy
2016 Franco Boshoff (Walmer Club) 2016 NMMU Cycling Club
2015 Kyle Bradford (NMMU) 2015 NMMU Cycling Club
2014 Kyle Bradford (NMMU) 2014 NMMU Cycling Club
2013 Kyle Bradford (NMMU) 2013 NMMU Cycling Club
2012 Kyle Bradford (Walmer Club) 2012 Walmer Club


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