The Route

The race starts at Grass Roof Farm Stall corner Seaview Road and Heron Road. The first hill is Theescombe Hill (Welcome Road). From there it is an undulating route along Kragga Kamma Road with a small climb up to Cows Corner in Colleen Glen.

The Three Sisters is done in reverse going towards Maitland, and this is very fast and the climbs easy to climb with the momentum you have coming down the hills. This is short lived as you hit The Wall, which is a very steep climb of about 800 metres, immediatelly after the Sisters.

Surrey Hills is downhill with the climb to Van Stadens Crossing relatively easy as it is still early days in the race.

From Van Stadens crossing you climb gradually with a steep descent down into the valley towards Blue Horizon Bay. The climb out to Blue Horizon Bay is steep and long. Other side of Blue Horizon Bays turn off, you wind down towards Van Stadens River.

The 45km turning point is about 400 metres from the river mouth entrance on a gradual descend. The route then takes you back all the way you came.

From the turn around point all the way to Blue Horizon Bay is uphill, a couple kilometres. Relief comes on the other side of the turn off, with a steep descend down into the valley but then the climb back towards Van Stadens Crossing is steep and very, very long. This is where your race is made or lost if you do not have enough kilos under the belt in training.

Surrey Hills is a short steep climb which feels worse than normal, at this stage of the race. Welcome relief comes going down The Wall where high speeds are obtained.

The Three Sisters awaits you which was done on the out route, relatively easy, but the return is a killer. The first sister is steep, the second sister is easier but by the time the third sister comes, she is very steep.

Kragga Kamma Road has a short hill at Lake Farm, but for many this may not be a obsticle, depending on your fitness level.

The reverse side of Theescombe Hill (Welcome Avenue) has a short deceiving little climb to the top. This short climb under normal conditions is insignificant but at the end of this race it is a killer and is worse than it looks. From here it is down hill to the finish with a flat return on Seaview Road back to Grass Roof Farm Stall.

Route Map and Elevation
Logistics of the Race

Race Date: Saturday 28 November 2020

Stating Time:  06h00

Registration:  from 05h15 at the start only to collect numbers. 
Under Covid restrictions visitors must enter before Friday 27 November cob by emailing for further details.

Start  Format:  Mass Start at 06h00
H and G group and any very slow visitors start at 05h45

Race Cut-Off Times: Van Stadens Crossing on way back (57km) 08h50
Finish Line (90km) 10h30
This is based on a 20km/h average speed starting at 06h00

Race Distance: 90 km

Elevation: +1538m / -1535m

Starting Venue:  Grass Roof Farm Stall corner Seaview Road and Heron Road

Entry Fee:  Visitors R100
Masters and Ladies members free

Prize Money:  There is no prize money for this event as all the entry fees plus donations goes towards a charity in Port Elizabeth

Medals: The first 50 finishers will receive medals.

Handicaps:  No handicaps and No Masters and Ladies points  will apply for this race as it is an Open Charity event

General Race Rules:
- No Helmet, No Ride
- No Tri-bars (Iron Man participants please remove your tri-bars for this race)
- Tandems welcoms (no Male - Male combination allowed)
- Water available at turn around point.

Past Winners

2019/20:  Andre Nelson 02:23:20
2018/19:  Andre Nelson 02:27:01
2017/18:  Clinton Barrow 02:30:42
2016/17:  Luthando Meintjies 02:33:00
2015/16:  Marco Joubert 02:30:01
2014/15:  Morne van Niekerk 02:25:51
2013/14:  Brent Pheiffer 02:37:24
2012/13:  Coenrad Viljoen 02:19:26 (Route De-Tour 83km)

2011/12:  Coenrad Viljoen 02:30:04
2010/11:  John-Lee Augustyn 02:30:40
2009/10:  Mark Murray 02:37:12
2008/09:  Francois Geldenhuis 02:30:47
2007/08:  John-Lee Augustyn  02:32:44
2006/07:  Steven Pugh  02:40:35
2005/06:  Andrew Young  02:38:12
2004/05:  Kenny Jubber  02:40:45
2003/04:  Chris Darke  02:43:49
2002/03:  Charl Joubert 02:45:37
2001/02:  Kenny Jubber 02:46:57
2000/01:  Gavin Rogers 02:49:09
1999/00:  -
1998/99:  -
1997/98:  -
1996/97:  -
1995/96:  Kenny Jubber 02:38:53
1994/95:  Alex Meiring 02:50:00
1993/94:  Alex Meiring 02:49:12
1992/93:  -
1991/92:  Humphrey Gerretson 03:01:56
1990/91:  Kenny Jubber  02:30:54 (84km route)


2019/20:  Kelsey van Schoor 02:43:07
2018/19:  Pauline Tunstead 02:45:27
2017/18:  Kelsey van Schoor 02:53:03
2016/17:  Kelsey van Schoor 02:49:49
2015/16:  Kelsey van Schoor 02:54:14
2014/15:  Allison Hertel 02:46:35
2013/14:  Allison Hertel 02:48:29
2012/13:  Allison Hertel 02:36:04 (Route De-Tour 83km)
2011/12:  Allison Hertel 02:43:18
2010/11:  Lindie Erasmus 02:44:23
2009/10:  Lindie Erasmus 02:47:56
2008/09:  Gail Willimot 02:47:13
2007/08:  Lindie Erasmus  02:50:37
2006/07:  Kim Trzebiatowsky  02:50:58
2005/06:  Kim Trzebiatowsky  02:55:48
2004/05:  Kim Trzebiatowsky  02:45:31
2003/04:  Anriette Schoeman  02:50:35
2002/03:  T.S. van der Merwe 03:28:39
2001/02:  Michelle Enslin 03:04:28
2000/01:  Michelle Enslin 02:51:10
1999/00:  -
1998/99:  -
1997/98:  -
1996/97:  -
1995/96:  Jeanette Vockerodt 03:09:52
1994/95:  Jeanette Vockerodt 03:15:12
1993/94:  Jeanette Vockerodt 03:07:33
1992/93:  -
1991/92:  Alta Havenga 03:30:40
1990/91:  Noeleen Trollip  02:59:58 (84km route)

Charity Beneficiaries

The Steak Race is Masters and Ladies Cycling Club's charity event and all proceeds from the event going towards a charity.

2019 - Cancer Assist - Veronica Minnie Cancer Support Trust 
2018 - Cancer Assist - Veronica Minnie Cancer Support Trust 
2017 - Cancer Walk For Life
2016 - Save-A-Pet
2015 - Cancer Association
2014 - Cancer Association
2013 - Animal Welfare Society and Jeannies Soup Kitchen in Malabar Ext. 6
2012 - Animal Welfare Society and Jeannies Soup Kitchen in Malabar Ext. 6
2011 - Khaya Cheshire Home in Walmer Township
2010 - Sydenham Retirement Village
2009 - Excelsior Primary School North End
2008 - Cheshire Home
2007 - Missionvale Care Centre
2006 -
EP Child & Youth Centre (formerly the EP Children’s Home)
2005 - Cancer Association




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