Visitors Participating in M&L Races
Visitors may participate in Masters & Ladies races and will be seeded as follows:
- Any Male rider under the age of 30 years will be seeded into the Elite Series starting group by default i.e. Starting at 06h00 or 06h30 depending on the time of year the race is taking place. Click Here for more information regarding the Elite Series
- Any Male rider 30 years and older and Ladies of any age will be seeded into the Masters & Ladies racing groups starting at 2 minute intervals after the Elite Series group
- Seeding into Masters & Ladies groups will be done as follows:
     - Your current average speed and latest Herald or Argus time will be used to determine your seeding.
     - The default group will be D group if you are unsure or the registration staff are unsure.

If you are seeded incorrectly i.e. you have underestimated you ability and you are to strong for the group you are riding in you may NOT pull the group apart by breaking away, making the pace faster than the groups normal pace. You are expected to sit in the bunch and NOT disrupt the group you are riding with in any way. Transgression of this rule can result in your continued participation as a visitor in Masters & Ladies being reconsidered by the club.

Races where Visitors may not participate:
- Time Trial (age group competition for M&L club members)
- Hill Climb (age group competition for M&L club members)

Club Racing Rules and General Rules that is non-negotiable
The club has racing rules in place which are applicable to Masters and Ladies racing and some general rules that MUST be adhered to by all participants. These are non negotiable rules and not adhering to these rules will result in disqualification and discontinuing you participation in the series or as a visitor in future races.
1. As a visitor you must start in the group allocated to you at registration
2. If you are dropped by you group and then caught by a another group from behind you MUST sit at the back of that group and may not participate in the group by means of pace making, sprinting at the finish or assist the group in any manner. You are a "passenger" in that group and must remain behind all riders of that group for the duration of the race or until you are dropped again by the group.
3. If you are to strong for the group you seeded in and the group allows you to break away and you catch any higher seeded group you may not participate in that group by means of pace making, sprinting at the finish or assist the group in any manner. The Masters and Ladies seeded group riders also has a responsibility not to use you in the group either. If you are strong and fast enough you must pass the group and continue with your own race.
3. The rule of the road applies i.e. keep to the left, and no crossing of a solid barrier line.
4. No following vehicles are allowed to follow you. Spectators may go to strategic points along the route and wait for you to pass and then proceed safely avoiding going on the same route as far as possible to the next advantage point and wait for you there again until you pass.


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